(in Hinduism and Jainism)

A release from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma. The transcendent state attained as a result of being released from the cycle of rebirth.


I adopted my inherent affection for fashion and style from my beloved grandmother. Her closet was my introduction to the possibilities of self-expression. My passion for fashion and the artistry of piecing items together, was the direction I knew i was destined to move toward. After parting ways with a corporate job in the interior design field, it was decided that I was going to finally go after my dream.

I wanted to create a position for myself, that I was able to have the time to continue on with my spiritual path. It was also of necessity, that I be able to help others with theirs. I had phenomenal connections with my clients at my previous job, and wanted to use my ability to maintain  these connections, as well as shine a light on my new endeavor.

So here we are… The idea is to help you create the look you desire. Whether it’s for your career, a special event, or just to get some new outfits incorporated in your wardrobe. If you don’t know where to start, I can help you begin. I make it easy for you.


These services are for Amarillo, Texas and surrounding areas. Travel fees will apply to clients outside of Amarillo metroplex. $75 travel fee for up to 100 miles.


In this circle of life, there are instances of profound transformation. Some are sought out and others simply find their way to us. Styling strikes like a catalyst for that transformation. What we wear may be material, but it is an extension of our inner spirit, setting the tone for our day to day approach.

I work with women and men alike, who have the same fervent interest in fashion as I do, as well as those that are renewing their identity in their new chapter of life. I am grateful for each opportunity to bring light into your wardrobe and on your continued path of life fulfillment. We all have so many stories yet to be told. Let’s begin with yours.


VIP Event Styling
with Kristina Lackey

Congratulations to Kristina for winning the Kentucky Derby! Styling her for this event is all about big and bold hats, pop color, and patterns that make a statement.



“It was a great decision to hire Erin for my massive closet purge and giving me the confidence to “let go” of items I needed to 10 years ago! She was very patient with me as we went through each piece of clothing in my closet to decide whether or not it fit me properly. We decided to purge many items and donate to a better cause and it was such a freeing experience.

Erin has a great eye for fashion but more so she understood what my goals were for finding my own style! Erin has styled me for many occasions and getting compliments on my attire was all due to Erin’s eye for what looked good on me! Thank you, Erin!”

Jill S.


Please contact me direct for further information including an arrangement of any personal style service. I would love to hear from you!