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I was determined to go to The Art Institute in Seattle, for fashion marketing, and had been talking with an aid at the school to get plans in order to move. But life had other plans in store for me. I met the man I ended up marrying, and I never went. I was lucky enough to have three boys that I was able to stay at home with until they were school age. Those 8 years flew by! But during that time, my marriage crumbled and I didn’t even recognize who I was anymore. I’d lost my passion, for everything. It was time for my new journey… to find myself. I found out how strong I was, from being a single mom to three boys, learning how to pay bills, maintain a household, and work a full-time job. 

The journey to self discovery has been relentless, and sometimes cruel, but being fired was the best thing that ever happened to me. I used the tools I’d learned from all the other experiences to rebuild. I was already styling my girlfriends just for fun, and decided that I could do this full-time,  and still be able to be a strong force for my children, because they will see that we are able to create our own dreams. They’ve seen me struggle but they never gave up on me, and have been my biggest supporters. Moksha means liberation. I freed myself from the illusion that I wasn’t able to create this, or that I was going to be stuck in the corporate world, and that i would just have to miss out on the majority of their lives, and we would just have to deal with it because “that’s life!” Well, i agree to disagree. We get to be whatever we choose to be.

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In this circle of life, there are instances of profound transformation. Some are sought out and others
simply find their way to us. Styling strikes like a catalyst for that transformation. What we wear may
be material, but it is an extension of our inner spirit, setting the tone for our day to day approach.

I work with women and men alike, who have the same fervent interest in fashion as I do, as well as
those that are renewing their identity in their new chapter of life. I am grateful for each opportunity
to bring light into your wardrobe and on your continued path of life fulfillment. We all have so many stories yet to be told. Let’s begin with yours.